कृषि महाविद्यालय, गोळेगाव जि. हिंगोली - ४३१ ७०५ (महाराष्ट्र)

College Of Agriculture, Golegaon Dist Hingoli - 431705 (Maharashtra)

Syllabus to B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1. II ECON 121 2(2+0) Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics
2. IV ECON 242 3(2+1) Agricultural Finance and Cooperation
3. V ECON 353 3(2+1) Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices
4. V ELE ECON 354 3(2+1) Agribusiness Management
5. VI ECON 365 2(1+1) Farm Management, Production and Resource Economics

This Department has been playing very vital role in enlightening the policy makers in the emerging areas of international trade and evaluation of public policies and programmes in agricultural sector. Animal Husbandry and dairy Science both plays an important role in national economy. Faculty gives priority to plan and bring improvement in courses and curricula. Our commitment to critical thinking, integration across disciplines and communication skills involves more student-instructor interaction and instructional time per student.